About Disco

Electro songs got their start in the states, but have inspired similar noises around the world. Different gear may be used today and the beats are a little different, but the root of most songs are still very similar. Some newer DJs have started to start using gear in the past to recreate a similar feel to what their parents recall hearing in the dance clubs.

Electro music

Electro music has been very popular in the 80's and even into the 90's, but using a distinct style. This new sound was regarded as contemporary electro. There are still lots of dance clubs across the globe that draw in the crowds with electro music. The drum machines supply the simple rhythm of these types of songs and are extremely mechanical sounding. An whole song written in the electro design can be performed on a computer today, which cuts out lots of numerous types of equipment.

Technology is coming

Today, everything is computer generated or enhanced with a computer, rather its a voice or even machines running on there own. Technology becomes better as time progresses and makes sounds now sound good to your ear. This is a type of music which keeps bringing in fresh audiences of people all of the time. The noise is frequently so tricky that it's difficult not to get drawn towards it and attached to it.